About Us

Our doors are open to all those seeking love and compassion.

Christian Best camps of Kenya, is a Christ-centered organization located in Nairobi, Kenya. We serve in Kibra (also Kibera), one of the largest slums in Africa. In addition to serving in Kibra, CBCK also helps in neighboring slums and across Kenya’s border in countries such as Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

CBCK provides an opportunity for urban youth to encounter Christ through it’s leadership and discipleship programs .Our directors and staff support Kenyan youth as they mature into adulthood and reach their full potential spiritually, academically, physically and professionally.

CBCK is a faith based organization, but our door is open to all those seeking love and compassion.

Since its inception in December 2010, CBCK through its programs and activities has influenced the lives of over 10,000 children as they grow into dependable young men and women in their communities.

Our Journey

The founder Mr. Erick Agoro Simba  was born and raised in Kibra in a family of seven. He grew up in a humble background and experienced a lot of poverty. Mr. Simba developed a passion to see the lives of the children, young men and women transformed in the slum of Kibra to live up to their God given abilities .

Mr. Simba founded the Christian Best Camps of Kenya in 2010 after serving in a Christian summer camp in the U.S.A (SB2W) for two years, The experience in the camp inspired Simba to adopt the camp model of raising young holistic Christian leaders through Mentorship and Discipleship programs. Christian Best Camps of Kenya provides an opportunity for urban youth to encounter Christ in a loving, fun filled and caring environment. CBCK envisions Kenyan youth maturing into adulthood and reaching their full potential spiritually, mentally, physically, and professionally.

Four Guiding Principals

  1. Christ as the center.
  2. Scripture as the reference point.
  3.  Proclaim his Kingdom.
  4. Raising young holistic leaders who become wealth creators and policy makers in their communities.

Foundational Scripture

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 (NIV)



1. Environmental transformation

The youth can strive to renew their surroundings in the slums through orderly dwellings, clean neighborhoods, and urban gardening.

2. Economic transformation

That at the proper time the youth can be empowered to find employment and live with financial independence. We believe that our children, young men and women, should be wealth creators for their communities as guided by the word of God.

3. Social transformation

 Children, young men and women of different ethnic backgrounds can learn to live with one another without fear or hostility. We seek to nurture the love of Christ and care for one another in our communities.

4. Partnership development

 To partner with like-minded organizations and individuals 
who seek to see children, young men and women mature into Christian leaders.


We are accountable to our friends and patrners in serving God's children