1. Youth mentorship and discipleship programs

During the school holidays, CBCK hosts 400 children, young men and women at the camp facility for one week for mentorship and discipleship camps. The camp is a place where the children can explore and experience their childhood in a safe environment.  The activities include:-

  1. Bible study.
  2. Discipleship and mentorship.
  3. Career guidance.
  4. Sports clinic.
  5. Feeding program.
  6. Fun! Fun! Fun!

2. Women and Girls support program

CBCK has partnered with ‘Days for girls’ Virginia chapter to offer re-usable sanitary pads to young girls living in the slums who cannot afford the cost of buying one. Many girls suffer shame during their menstrual period and some cannot go to school during that time of the month. CBCK has identified these vulnerable girls and has distributed over 1000 Kits since 2017 in the slums of Kibra and Mathare.

3. Education support programs

CBCK offers free lunch to 200 pupils and students within a 300 meters radius of the center. Many pupils and students only have a meal a day and have to walk quite a distance to get to school thus , affecting their concentration and learning in school. CBCK ensures that they have at least a meal  a day at the center during their lunch break.

4. Youth support programs

CBCK through its networks of volunteers offers free counseling and rehabilitation to teenagers, young men and women who may be struggling with substance abuse like drugs and alcohol. The organization also offers counseling and dietary supplements to those with terminal illnesses. The beneficiaries of these programs are kept anonymous unless they want to reveal their identities. This support is offered at the center and those who cannot come receive home based care.

5. Local churches

CBCK has developed a partnership model for supporting the local churches in the slums with its resources. The local churches receive the following support from CBCK in their missionary work of spreading the Gospel in the slums.

  • A meeting venue at the resource center.
  • A van for transporting volunteers and church workers.
  • A key board.
  • A sound system with microphones and any other support as requested.

Our Testimony

Since its inception in December 2010, the camp has reached over 7,000 children, young men and women in Kenya and other neighboring East Africa countries.

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