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The growth and development of children into adulthood is a journey of mind ,body and spirit . Raising a generation of youth is a core element of the camp program. It is necessary to grow youth who can think critically, generate solutions to problems, and creatively sustain living in a continuously changing world.  Children are shaped into young adults and finally the young adults can grow to be impactful leaders of society.

CBCK’s youth face various challenges from childhood and it is particularly hard for those who live in dire circumstances. CBCK strives to implement sustainable programs that will provide hope to populations in Kibra community.

The community resource center is located in between Langata and Kibra constituency in Mugumoini ward. The center will offer support services to the children, young men and women. The Resource Centre ensures that CBCK continues to offer discipleship and mentorship programs for vulnerable groups  even during the school calendar.


CBCK will work to transition the current Kibra to an environment that is healthy and filled with opportunities to learn, work, and play for children, families and all residents.

 The Mission

To raise leaders who positively impact and improve the Kibra society and living environment with their skills, knowledge and energy for all.

Proposed Programs and Activities

a) Library

The center library will have books that are based on the new curriculum for studies, homework and research. Most of the schools around the center do not have enough books for their pupils and students , hence they are forced to share. This affects their learning. The Library will rely on well-wishers to stock the library with books to facilitate easy and enjoyable learning. The Library will have different sections for reading and a computer area.

The Library will be open on weekdays from 4pm- 6pm and on Saturdays from 8am-5pm.

b) Sports and Recreation

The center has two sports facilities that have been set up to nurture talents and promote physical growth of children. A basketball court is available to facilitate games with the hope of building a local basketball team and league. A children’s playing park is available for their enjoyment  and will help develop a fun play environment.

C) Community Hall

A space to facilitate peaceful co-existence in the community where meetings and discussions can be held. The community Center Hall will also be used for community engagements and talent development. The center will occasionally host fine arts exhibition, as well as promote opportunities for digital storytelling like films, photography and photo voice to engage the community in discussions.

Young people who have taken courses in photography and film making who cannot be absorbed in the job market will have space to improve their craft. The community center will give them a platform. This space will also be used to nurture various talents like instrument playing, acting and singing.

d) Children's office

This office will deal with reported cases of child abuse and neglect. The reported cases will be investigated with the relevant government   agencies with an aim of facilitating victim support. The office will also have a trained counselor to offer psycho-social support.

e) Gender Based Violence Office

There will be an officer at the center who will receive and document cases of Gender based violence and abuse with the aim of getting help for the victims. The cases will be reported, investigated and forwarded to the relevant Government agencies for action.

f) Community Garden

Space has been allocated in the community center for a garden, the garden will be used to grow food that will be used for the feeding program. Different plants will be planted in this space for educational purposes and small animals like rabbits, and birds will be kept for food, therapy and educational purposes. The schools nearby will use the center to teach their pupils and students about agriculture and to have a hands on approach at the center.

g) Feeding Program

The resource center is located in an area that borders Langata and Kibra constituency. There exist about thirteen informal schools in the community center’s environs. Many school going children in Kibra survive on only one meal a day. The center aims to mitigate this problem by registering these children at the center, with an aim of providing meals during their lunch break before they go back to school.

h) Camp Activities

The center will host 400 children, young men and women for one week of mentorship and discipleship camps. The camp is a place where the children can explore and experience their childhood in a safe environment.  The activities include Bible study, Discipleship and mentorship, Career guidance, Sports clinic, Feeding program amongst others.

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We aim to raise $170,000.00 to complete the resource center. To date we have raised $70,000.00 that has so far been used.

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